With Eid Al-Adha just around the corner, we’re all probably ready for the blood-floods and foul smell covering the streets of Cairo for days. Rumor has it, this won’t be the case this Eid. Is it really achievable?

Actions Taken

Earlier this month, the Deputy Governor of Cairo’s eastern province, Ibrahim Saber, has warned citizens from performing the usual mass animal slaughtering on the streets instead of the designated areas for it.

The misconduct is nothing but a nightmare for Cairo’s infrastructure. Not to mention, leaving Cairo smelling terrible for days and causing lots of damage to the sewage system.

Hence, the province has imposed a fine of at least 5,000 LE for those who violate the slaughtering regulations and perform it the streets.

So, is there any hope?

This is the not the first time the government announces such penalty regarding the same issue. It has become somewhat of an annual routine but sadly, all in vain.

Hopefully, this year could be different. Especially in light of the Dar El Ifta and Al Azhar’s recent statements condemning the misdeed!

Finally, the Islamic institutions are breaking their silence about the matter, the mass slaughtering of animals on the streets is considered, as they called it, a “sin” and has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam; clearly stating that animals given as sacrifice should only be treated in the most humane manner possible.

Of course, there’s nothing humane about the brutal mass slaughtering we witness each and every Eid!

Over major environmental concerns, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has also advised (hopefully, someone will take it) that slaughtering ought to be carried out away from places of residency.

After all, the sacrifice is a sacred act that is meant to give back to the society. Ending up polluting the society just seems counter-intuitive.

We seriously hope people take the matter more seriously and we manage to end the annual phenomenon once and for all. Do you guys think it’s possible?