Ahmed Fahmy

On August 2018, the young stars Hana Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy celebrated their engagement. We were all there for the young love and rooting for the young couple after hearing the news.

Ever since, pictures of the couple together started spreading on both of their Instagram accounts. Which is, of course, normal.

However, what didn’t seem to be normal was the somewhat extreme comments Fahmi started making on Hana’s Instagram posts.

Out of the blue, everyone started talking about how aggressive Fahmi is with Hana’s fans and how rude his replies to them are.

Case in point…


These are just a few of the less explicit examples of the star’s replies to his fiancee’s fans. There were more harsh and explicit replies, but of course, we couldn’t share them with you.

Whether some could agree that it is his right as a jealous fiance or not, no one can disagree that Fahmy did go a bit overboard.

Of course, one can hope that his sole intention behind this behavior is to protect or stand up for his significant other.

However, Fahmy’s attitude and behavior only brought Hana more insults and online trolling.

Some that were even more explicit than Fahmy’s replies.

Again too explicit to share.

Then just like that, an infinite series of joking and trolling started in the comments section of Hana’s Instagram.

It even began to seem that Fahmy himself was taking this as a joke.

It started to look that it wasn’t at all about protecting his fiancee.

This went too far that Hana had to turn off the comments section in some of her Instagram posts.

She also expressed her objection to her fiance’s behavior in an interview with “MBC trending”.

In the interview, Hana said that she was the one that created an Instagram account for Ahmed. She also added that Ahmed’s constant spatting and replying to the fans made her threaten him to close his account. Because as she put it “you can’t stop people from talking or saying whatever they want.”


She also explained that she understands that sometimes fans get jealous over their favorite stars so they might say a negative comment about the person they are with, but the overall picture is that their fans are loyal to them and love them.

We have to applaud the star for her maturity and grace, of course. However, we can’t help but wonder why Fahmy hasn’t stopped writing those extreme comments even after Hana clearly expressed her dissatisfaction?

Especially since this is not doing either of their images any favors.

With Hana’s new movie “Qeset Hob”being released soon, it’s interesting to see how he will be responding to the movie critics. Especially given the fact that its a romantic movie opposite the heartthrob Ahmed Hatem.

We’ll have to wait and see.