While I may not be the biggest football fan, I still know that Al Ahly have been having a bad season. Understandably, the team management has been looking for a solution to get the team back on track, instead, they decided to slaughter an animal on the club’s track and field.

Yes, that’s right. Al Ahly club have slaughtered an animal in the middle of the club’s track and field while people were having their morning jog.

According to the club, they are sacrificing the calve so they can “un-jinx” the team prior to their game with Petrojet.

While animal sacrifice is usually done for religious reasons as a return for God’s giving, we fail to understand why the club chose to do this in the middle of the club’s track and field during, probably, the most busy time of the day?

This is not the first time Al Ahly have chosen this method to un-jinx themselves. The club has done the same thing in 2015 after losing the final matches for the whole season, where the team’s stars Ahmed Fathi and Mo’men Zakaria and Saad Samir were present during the sacrifice.

Al Ahly’s star, Marwan Mohsen, has used the same method after not scoring a single goal for the entire season. While Rami Rabiea has also done the same thing inside the club’s football field after suffering numerous injuries.

The list does not end here. The Egyptian national team’s superstar Essam El Hadary has done the same thing in 2016 after his performance levels dropped significantly, and demanded technical staff at the time to have a 10 day break, in order to regain his fitness before joining the rest of the team. Not once has El Hadary considered that he’s not in his early 20s anymore, and that this is expected.

Now for the king of sacrificing animals in the football world; Hassan Shahata. The former coach of the Egyptian national team was the keenest to slaughter calves, as a kind of optimism. During the participation of the Egyptian football team in the African Nations Cup in the three editions of the years 2006, 2008, 2010, Shehata made sure to slaughter before AND during tournaments. He also made sure to always involve the, then, team captain, Ahmed Hassan. With that said, we have won the titles every time he slaughtered an animal.

Again, we’re not against animal sacrifice for a good cause. However, we find it very confusing as to why anyone would think that this sacrifice is the magic trick that would sort all their problems.

We also find it harder to understand why they would choose to do that in the middle of the club grounds.

Enough with the traditions that are not even carried out with religious intentions anymore. Maybe if everyone does their job right, and stop turning sports into a business, you would do alright? Just a thought.

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