On the 23rd of August, a die hard Ahly fan named Mohamed Samir “Homosa, suffered a terrible accident that led to the unfortunate amputation of both his legs.

What Happened?

After Al-Ahly Al-Masry‘s 9-0 victory against the Sudanese Football Club Atlabara – which took place in Borg El-Arab Stadium, Alexandria -, Homosa took the train back to Cairo.

However, destiny had a different plan when the 18-year-old dropped his phone. Half of his body hung out of the moving train as he stretched to try and save it, he fell unconscious – waking up to lost legs.

As awful as this accident was, Homosa has no regrets as he keeps saying in every media outlet how much he loves Al-Ahly Football Club and would sacrifice anything for it.

But, that’s not what we’re here to talk about..

Other than the amount of Al-Ahly officials and players who either visited him or got in contact – including Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah -, Al-Ahly’s fans did something incredibly special.

On September 6, a significant number of them gathered around right under Homosa’s home balcony and sang their hearts out to support him. They even had huge signs with some very sensible words written on them!

That act did not only warm everyone’s hearts, it literally restored so many people’s faith in humanity. Because, it’s not everyday that people go out of their way to make someone feel better about themselves. Especially, after something so tragic happening to them. 

As the video of the really wonderful surprise went viral, all social media platforms, – especially the Football community on Twitter -were all in awe.

What’s “The Lesson”?

It’s very simple: Small acts of kindness are always key to a better world. It’s really not that hard to make someone forget about their misery, even if it’s just for a second.

And, honestly, it doesn’t always require a lot of effort. Something like the the arrangement of the gathering outside of Homosa’s house must’ve only taken minutes to execute.

Yes, maybe some of the fans came from a long way, but we’re pretty sure the look on Homosa’s face was 100% worth it. 

Tell us, what do you guys think about this beautiful gesture?