Al-Azhar, Azhar
Al-Azhar University decided that members of their teaching board must have a preliminary permission before making any media appearance.

Numerous scholars and preachers working in TV and media platforms in Egypt may end up with little to nothing face time.

We heard scholars preaching that a mobile video game is haram and that it’s okay for a husband to beat up his wife to educate her! These are just examples of some ludicrous statements from scholars.

This is a step to control the spread of false preaching. Let’s not forget that a TV preacher once said that it’s okay to have sex with an animal or literally rape slaves, as they are spoils of war!

This restriction, according to Al-Azhar, is to ensure that the people debating religious matters are in compliance with Al-Azhar standards. They also stated that there is no intention to limit the freedom of speech of any of their members. Quite the contrary, free speech and discussion are always welcome.

This is a positive step to reform religious speech in Egypt. Are you in favor of the decision or not? Let us know what you think in the comments.