Asfour Crystal

Lights, glamour, action – these are a few words you can use to describe film festivals like the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), right? Well, you can also use them to describe something else. Asfour Crystals! This year the famed company had a few surprises up its sleeve for the CIFF’s 41st Edition.

Asfour at CIFF

It’s needless to mention that Asfour Crystals is all about glamour and skill, which is exactly what it brought to the festival.

This year, Asfour transformed the Cairo Opera House stage into something out of a classically beautiful fairytale by paving it with crystals. Not just any crystals, too. The company used more than 200,000 pieces of Pure Crystal, which eventually weighed at 3 tons total.

Paving the way, literally, are 30 of Asfour Crystals most skilled labors, who had dedicated 100 working hours to ensure the perfection and golden standard the company aspires constantly for.

An Overview of Asfour Crystals

We know we don’t need to harp on Asfour Crystals because it’s always been there with us, in our childhood memories and beyond. Remember those flickering lights at your grandparents’ house? That was Asfour. Remember that warm feeling those lights gave you? That was Asfour too!

Asfour Tomorrow

Though it has already achieved legendary status in the eyes of the public through hard work and constant improvement, Asfour Crystals still has future goals to aspire to.

Currently, its goals include leaving a unique mark on the globe through continuing what it does best:

Being the largest producer of full lead crystal, having the biggest built-up facility for crystal production, being the largest employer of craftspeople, and being the highest-ranked and most used crystal brand by European and international chandelier manufacturers.

They dazzled us as children and as adults; here’s to many more dazzling moments to come.