As disappointments in life jumble up more and more, we can only be sure of one thing.

Food is the one gift that keeps on giving. It’s probably the only thing that won’t disappoint us, no matter what happens in the end.

However, we’re all also broke most of the time and food keeps getting more expensive.

So, to satisfy our hungry stomachs and hungrier pockets, we scoured out the cheap eats that just won’t put a hole in your wallet. Yes, even with the price increase.



No matter what happens at the end of the day, we’ll always have shawerma.

One of the MVPs of all street foods, shawerma is a delicacy so fine it transcends all taste buds. The best thing about it is that it’s cheap and readily available in every shape, form, and delivery hotline.

There’s this one piece of advice, though. If you’re in the thirty+ pound zone, you’re being scammed.

Shawerma can be found everywhere, but so far the best places to snag a quick bite are all located in West Cairo.

Dokki’s Semsema (a classic) and Zamalek’s Baraka are the best so far, with shawermas costing as little as 10 and 13 pounds, respectively.

Kebda and Sogo’o

kebda and sogo2

There isn’t a neighborhood in Egypt (at least as far as we know) that exists without a kebda cart.

Sometimes, it’s just one of those days and you’re feeling up for something special. This is where these sandwiches come in, especially with a soda drink on the side.

For this item, there is no specific place to go but a good old trusty kebda cart in West El-Balad, specifically in the alley on Huda El-Sha’rawi Street.

You can thank us later for the price range.

Savory Crepes


Let’s be real for a second. Even if crepes is perpetually surrounded by an air of school-like activity, it will fill you up when you’re in need.

Like a good, definitely mistreated friend, a crepe will always welcome you back with open arms even as you drift away and sample many different types of food.

If that’s not enough to sell you in, the dessert crepe section of the menu just might.

We all know that City Crepe is the king of crepes in Egypt, with branches all over the country and prices as low as 15 pounds.



Another Egyptian classic, hawawshi is just one food you can’t hate because if you do, then there’s a lot you’re missing out on.

The best thing about this treat is its affordability as well as how easy it is to eat it on the go. You’re rarely in danger of any spills because it’s that well-pressed.

People sometimes have questions about the meat quality, though.

For a completely zen state of mind, don’t ask about that. We all know what it is; confirmation won’t help anything.

Finding the best hawawshi place is not an easy feat, especially with a lot of great but anonymous shop-owners all over Cairo but we tried.

So far, the search shows that West El-Balad’s Hawawshi El-Refai’i is the most sought after with hawawshis as cheap as 22 pounds.

El-Kazaz’s 11 Pound Chicken Burger


This might be a very specific item on this list, but it’s one item worth a shout-out.

El-Kazaz’s options vary, including probably all kinds of sandwiches and sides. However, you’re never quite sure of the taste just before that first bite.

One thing that will never be either a hit or a miss with this restaurant is their chicken burger, which saved many hungry souls in the streets of West El-Balad.

McDonald’s McWaffar Menu


Before any judgments, we’re all well aware of the McDonald’s touristic price range compared to the rest of the items we have here.

The McWaffar menu, though, is a complete antithesis to the rest of the menu.

Since McDonald’s branches seem to pop up out of quite literally nowhere, this menu makes us all happy when we’re hungry and have nothing but twenty pounds (in change) in our pockets.

Though this list is far from over, we’re sure these are the cheap eats you can always rely on. If food is not here for you, then what is, really?