Bachelorette parties, or as we call them in Egypt “Laylet Hena,” are becoming more and more popular in recent years. It’s a great thing for the bride-to-be to enjoy a final day with her girlfriends and say goodbye to the single days.

As fun as a house party might seem, break out of the safe “same-old, same-old” ideas and take your bachelorette party really far. Instead of having a one night party, make it a whole weekend or a getaway. Finish all your errands beforehand and enjoy the last few “me” days before the big day. Here are some fun activities you could enjoy with your girlfriends, or even your husband-to-be.

For the Stressed Bride:


You’re still stressed, and if the spa isn’t really your thing, you could always meditate. Whether you want to meditate mentally, or get physical with some extreme yoga, you’ll find some great classes in Cairo, and some especially great ones in Sinai. Meditation is always a great bonding experience, so it’ll be great for you and your friends. Not to mention that it’s highly recommended for brides dealing with anxiety. Bonus points: Meditation is also very helpful for sexual healing and performance.


-Spa Day

You’re stressed, your friends are stressed, your mother is stressed, and everyone is stressed; we get it, girl! Take your friends and family and spend a day at the spa. Chill at the jacuzzi, and get a facial, massage, and the entire royal treatment. You need it, and definitely deserve it.

For the Sporty Bride:

-Pole Fitness Class

Pole dancing doesn’t mean stripping. It’s a very good workout, and it’s so much fun. Thankfully, there are many studios opening up in Cairo for pole fitness. You could organize a class for you and your girlfriends to learn a few moves and how to wrap yourself around the pole. It’ll also help with your muscle control and flexibility. It’s a win/win situation for everyone – it’s fun, healthy, will help you at the wedding night, and you’ll bond with your friends.



Challenge your friends for a sand-boarding tournament. The sport is expanding in Egypt, and many companies now offer organized trips to parts of the desert. Make sure you plan it earlier so you have a private trip. Most safari companies also provide zip-lining if boarding isn’t your thing. Just make sure you don’t break a leg, casts don’t go well with heels!


For the Traveler Bride:


Take your friends and go camping. You could spend a whole weekend there, or go for a day and enjoy some of the desert activities. From camping, to sitting at the bonfire, barbecuing, star gazing, or even have a Bedouin dance with the locals, with the right company, you’ll have the time of your life.

Recommended places: White desert, Siwa, Fayoum.


-Beach Party

Go for a final single ladies day at the beach. If you have the time, you could head to Sinai for a few days, maybe go diving, snorkeling, hiking, or even party at one of the clubs there. If you don’t have much time, you could simply spend a day in Ain Sokhna and enjoy the beach. Remember to wear lots of sunblock; no one wants to be a bride with skin peeling off!


For the “get the husband involved” bride:

-Paintball Fight

Why not have a girls vs. guys team competition? It’s a good way to have fun with both your and your groom’s friends. It’s also a good way to get all the anger and stress out caused by never-ending wedding planning – especially if said stress is caused by your fiancee.