The government decided to show how much they hate teenagers by releasing the Thanaweya 3ama grades just a few days before Eid. With all the grades being especially low this year, the kids are losing it.


In an effort to make the kids feel better, we decided to list some jobs and career choices that you could start now without a college degree. Not all is lost!



If you’re a girl, or maybe even a guy, you could easily take this as a career! All you need is an Instagram account, and a few outfits with some weird accessories. Optional: The guy you threw in the friend zone two semesters ago could become your “photographer” and he’ll do whatever you tell him to.

Foul Cart Dude


We’ve seen the man who decided to have his own personal foul cart after finishing his education. You could do the same, just without the finishing part. You can place it in Zamalek and sell the sandwich for 10 LE, because “OMG SO ORIENTAL!”

Vine Star


Download Vine, and maybe dubsmash, and become an internet sensation! It helps if you are super funny or good looking, but no pressure. You already had enough of that. If you’re either of these, make people hate you as much as possible, because we all know that “haters make you famous.”

A Foodie


Go to random restaurants and take pictures of their food and post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to add #foodies. Then you might get money out of posting the pictures. Even if you don’t, you could still get invited for free food, which means you’ll never pay for food!



Bloggers now make thousands of money by writing about any and everything. From politics to fashion to even random thoughts, they make easy money. Sell your soul to the devil (aka Google ads) and bam! You’ll have a stable job! Optional: To get back at the system that brought you here in the first place, you can make sure to publish some rants about that awful test that scarred your teenage years.