Amazon’s first grab-and-go store just opened in Seattle. The new store makes you feel like you’re stealing! They call it the “Just Walk Out” technology. For now, Seattle is the only location. Amazon tested this store for one year, making it only available to Amazon employees. However, it’s now open to the public!

Introducing Amazon Go

Amazon Go took shopping experience to a whole new level! Now you don’t have to wait in the line for hours anymore. It’s a time saver, not to mention that it’s a great relief to old people. No cashiers, no checkout lines!

How does it work?

1. You scan the Amazon Go App when you enter the store

2. Grab whatever you want off the shelves

3. Walk out!

What happens next?

Amazon bills your credit card on file once you walk out. They haven’t gone through details. However, it all relies on the crazy system of cameras that they made, sensors and algorithms. They track when you pick something up and when you put it back and will keep tracking it in a virtual shopping cart.

It was expected to open in early 2017 to the public but didn’t as Amazon faced some problems; correctly identifying different shoppers with similar body types. The store is roughly 1,800 square feet and has employees who work on prepping food, stocking shelves and greeting customers. They also check your ID when you buy alcohol.

Some people think it’s a brilliant idea, and others think it’s going to take away people’s jobs! There are people who would still like to keep on supporting their local grocery stores and supermarkets.

Amazon hasn’t announced yet whether they’ll expand their store anywhere else. Do we expect to see anything like that soon in Egypt? Let’s hope for the best!