American Murder: Family Next Door

Now that October is here, you’ll find that all the must-watch shows and movies will fall into either one of two categories. Horror flicks or documentaries about infamous crimes. And both tend to be horrifying for different reasons.

If you’ve seen the recent true crime documentary, American Murder: Family Next Door, then you certainly know just how ugly and disturbing things can get.

Right now, you must be a tad curious about that documentary. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it!

warning: will contain spoilers

What Happened

So, the documentary is simple. It takes on the fairytale romance that was the story of Chris and Shanann Watts as well as the story of Shanann Watts and her kids’ disappearances.

Through found footage, security camera tapes, police body-cams, and social media, we see two things side by side. The cops, neighbors, and Shanann’s husband all looking for her and looking for clues to find her and her two missing children.

On the other side, we see Shanann tell the story of how she met Chris, after divorcing a horrible first husband, and how she found true happiness and love with him. We see videos of how happy they and their kids are and how smoothly everything is flowing.

Hearing all this, you must think this is all heart-wrenching for Chris, whose wife and children are missing, but, well, this is where things turn to sh*t…

See, Chris soon becomes Suspect Number One for a number of things, like his absolute lack of worry about his wife and kids being missing and how the neighbors immediately find him acting unnatural and the fact that he was cheating on his wife. Yeah.

After that, the investigation proceeds and Chris (a narcissist or an idiot, we’re unsure) agrees to take a polygraph test that he quickly fails and very obviously exposes himself as the person who murdered both his wife and his children so he can be with his mistress.

Why It’s A Must-Watch

Okay, so hear us out. We know the plot sounds like a hard sell, especially considering how horrifying it is and what it entails, but it’s a must-watch for several reasons.

One of them is that it shows you the dangers that women still face in this world and that, sometimes and for some people, love isn’t everything. Some people are horrible.

But other than intensifying everyone’s trust issues, this documentary also shows us that we need to look out for each other. As in, take notes from the Watts’ neighbors, without whom Shanann and her children probably wouldn’t have been found.

And the third and final reason why this is a must-watch? Well, you will get to see first-hand the many techniques homicide investigators use to expose criminals who think they’ve gotten away with murder.

Just brace yourself for the emotional damages. It’s too much.