After the spread of rumors surrounding a collaboration between Amr Mostafa and Sherine Abd El-Wahab in her latest album “Nassay”, the controversial composer chose to take to twitter to refute these rumors in his own unique way.

He re-shared the false news and commented by saying “I did not and will not compose for Sherine, not now not later. Our artistic relationship has ended for good.”

He did not stop here and chose to end the truce between him and Sherine, adding “I would like to dedicate Kadim Al-Saher’s “Ya Hafyet al-Qadamyn” to Sherine, enough with the provocative news.”

After a huge backlash from Sherine’s fans, the composer deleted his offensive tweets but did not add an apology.

Yet the backlash did not prevent Mostafa’s fans from defending their favourite artist.




The clash between both stars has been going for more than a year now, with occasional mutual insults in TV shows and on social media. In previous statements, Mostafa dubbed Sherine as “new money” after she described him as “the composer who wears a chain”.

But there has been a recent truce which was, obviously, interrupted by Mostafa’s tweets.

Sherine Abd El-Wahab’s album “Nassay” was released on October 8th with a total of 12 tracks, following Amr Diab’s latest ablum “Kol Hayati”.

Amr Mostafa composed “Bayen Habbeit”, but as usual things don’t seem to go smooth whenever Mostafa is involved. The composer attacked international DJ Marshmello for not crediting him as the composer, and crediting Amr Diab instead. However, apparently the issue was resolved as the tweet about the clash was deleted by Mostafa. His latest collaboration with Amr Diab is his freshly released single “Bahebak Ana” which exceeded 8 million views in just 2 days.