On February 22nd, 2020, Al-Borouj Misr Developments announced the launch of “6ixty Business Park”, a one of a kind fully-fledged business center in the New Capital’s “financial district”, with a celebration featuring superstar Amr Diab.

“6ixty Business Park” is a business complex, which offers a variety of medical centers, commercial and administrative offices that are built using the latest modern designs; total revenues are expected to exceed 1.4 billion Egyptian pounds.

It was announced at the mesmerizing event, attended by key account holders, official delegates of corporations and a diverse selection of public figures, that the project sales already exceeded 350 million Egyptian pounds 10 days prior to the launch event.

On the other hand, Eng. Hazem Al Sharief, Chairman of Al-Borouj Misr Developments, stated that the forecast for the coming period is even greater output and superior success.

Meanwhile, Eng. Mohamed El A’asy, Vice Chairman for Al-Borouj Misr Developments stated that Al-Borouj Misr developments was initiated in 2006 and has been a key player in the real-estate and development sectors ever since.

El A’asy also stated that “Al-Borouj Misr developments” have a comprehensive experience, which goes back to decades, in construction and finalization.

Al A’asy continued by stating that the “Al-Borouj Misr Developments” carried out various feasibility studies before going into the project.

He has also stated that “6ixty Business Park” is a project that fulfills the market needs for the New Capital, predicted to host more than 150 thousand employees by the next June.

Finally, Kareem Ma’amoun, the Commercial Director of Al-Borouj Misr Developments asserted that the project has been successful only because of teamwork, and that no one reaches success alone.

He then continued with thanking the collaboration partners and sales team, for their outstanding performance and valuable contributions to make this project a huge success..