After the infamous bullying incident against Basmala by one of her own school teachers in Damietta, we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, but obviously it can!

It Hits Again

Another bullying incident took place in a school here in Cairo and the aftermath was way worse than anyone’s expectations!

According to Youm7, a group of girls in Al-Nahda Secondary Girls School in Al-Salam district locked one of their schoolmates in one of the classrooms and attacked her.

In a desperate attempt to plead for help, the girl called her father to come and save her. So, naturally, the father rushed to save his daughter from the bullies.


The Awful Repercussions

After his arrival, the father struggled to salvage his daughter from the crowds of students. This, of course, led to a state of chaos in the school. Eventually, the father was able to get his daughter out.

This was not the end of things, as matters actually get worse. After rescuing his daughter from her attackers, the father suffered a heart attack in the school and was taken to El Salam Specialized Hospital. Unfortunately, the father didn’t make it and passed away.

This is what the immaturity and cruelty of a few teenagers led to! This family that consists of three young children and a mother just lost their sole bread winner and support system in life. Why? Because some girls thought it would be fun to torture their schoolmate!

Suitable Punishment? Hardly!

Not that it would bring the late father back, a proper punishment could have at least made the family feel safer. But even that did not happen! According to Youm7, the girls responsible for this horrible incident were only expelled for one week from school. It is also reported that they will be interrogated. However, as of right now, they are free to live their lives while the victim who lost her father is living in a state of fear and panic.

When Will It Stop?

There is nothing that could be said or done to undo what happened to the girl or her family. The course of this entire family’s life has just been altered forever because people now think being mean is cool or fun!

Making a joke at the expense of someone else or making fun of them (though not acceptable) is one thing, but taking joy in torturing another human being and watching them suffer is a totally different thing! It is INHUMANE, CRUEL and SADISTIC!

And it seriously needs to stop! 

There is no silver lining to this horribly dark cloud, but we at least hope that after seeing how horrible the consequences of bullying could be, we can all learn to be more kind or at least humane towards one another. 

Source: Youm7