Peer pressure sucks. Your plans for the holiday season may have been to stay home and relax, maybe read a book while sipping on a nice, warm cup of chocolate milk. And then the extroverts come to destroy everything!

The phone rings, you see your friend’s name. The first image that comes to your mind is something that can’t be expressed in English: farhada! You try to say no, but to no use. Your fate is sealed! Not even the “I am busy” reply works this time…

Next thing you know is that you are in a party. There is no way to go back now and you regret and dread every moment separating you from the safe, comfortable confines of your room.

How can you survive this horror?!

Find a Corner and Stay There; Hide in Plain Sight

As an introvert, it’s somehow second nature to look for the corner in every room you enter. It’s just that we don’t like the spotlight or being in the midst of TOO many people.
Just grab your cocktail and spend the time calmly away from all the hassle. And if you find someone next to you standing awkwardly, nod in acknowledgement of your fellow introvert.

Wave and Say Hi; If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

What if all the corners of the room are crowded? There is no safe place for your anxiety and panic. What should you do?

You resort to the first weapon in your arsenal: the awkward fake-dance. Just go with it till you find a safe place somewhere while you are trying to figure out a way to move your hands normally.

“Totally normal…”

Use Your Headphones; Your Own, Personal Party

Maybe the party is lit, and it’s getting more and more crowded? What shall you do, give up? NEVER!
You may resort to the second weapon in your arsenal: your headphones!
This may seem absurd in a party; however, your personal collection of music can help you overcome the induced anxiety. As it’s already loud, no one would really notice. Using one earphone only can be a good option.

Get Adopted by an Extrovert

If your friends are GOOD friends, they surely know that you are already starting to go haywire due to the noise and the busy environment.
As any good friend would do, they will try to take you in and introduce you to their friends, adopt you, care for you in this rough environment of excessive socializing.
By then, you would accept defeat and just mingle into the party.

Might as Well Try to Have Some Fun

If all fails, accept defeat. You are staying there for a while. Maybe having fun will just kill the time for you, right?
Sure, you know you are getting drained, you know that you will feel down tomorrow. But who cares? Enjoy the moment and just go with it!

You can make it up to yourself by spending a week at home and turning off your phone or traveling to the Himalayas or a deserted island.
But right now, just dance and enjoy the stupid song! Why not make it one of your New Year’s resolutions?