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Android and iPhone users are in constant argument over the superiority of one phone over the other. Both manufacturers try their hardest to provide us with updated gadgets.

There are reasons why iPhone users are loyal to their line and a parallel set of reasons that makes Android users stick to their Android mobiles, as well. As each phone has prominent features that are unique to its product line, we decided to get a closer look at the features of both devices and see which does what better.

Here’s what we gathered from the different opinions of the users of both devices:

Which Plays Music Better?

Most Android phones provide adequate storage in addition to external memory cards. Yet iPhones are renowned for their music quality. There is a reason why most DJs and music producers prefer Apple’s gadgets.

However, Android phones don’t need to sync with a PC to begin with, unlike iPhones. Earlier iPhones weren’t accessible without being activated on PC.

Music quality: iPhones are better.
Music storage: Android are larger and with more options.
Adding and downloading music: Androids are easier to use.

Which Runs Applications Better?

iPhones just work; they are reliable and easy to use for the average user. Androids, on the other hand, can be a bit confusing, at least compared to iPhones.
One of the competitive advantages of Android phones is providing users with the option of multitasking. Apple, however, is yet to deliver on their promise to provide this feature.

Ease of use: iPhones are easier to use.
Smooth Interface: Android are more smooth to use and to multitask.

Which Is Cheaper?

Some tech experts state that Apple products are mostly overpriced. While others would say that you get quality for this price.
Android phones are known to be more affordable than iPhones and with nearly the same features. Though iPhones can be more durable, it’s cheaper to repair and maintain an Android phone.

Conclusion: Androids are cheaper to acquire and cheaper to maintain compared to iPhones.

Which Is More Durable?

Personally, I had an iPhone since my second year in college. And honestly, it still works perfectly. Now, I use an Android phone. It got scuffed a bit. It won’t vibrate until I smack it!

You can say I am biased, but…

Conclusion: iPhones are more durable than Androids.

Whose Battery Is More Durable?

Personally (again…) I need to charge my new Android phone overnight and I basically use it for everything except for it to do my work for me (if only).

You can say that I am biased here as well, yet…

Conclusion: Android batteries are more durable than iPhone’s.


Androids may provide a wider range of applications; however, the downside for Android phones is that they also provide gateways for various malware and viruses. It’s virtually impossible for an iPhone to be infected with a virus.

Conclusion: iPhones are more secure than Android phones.

In conclusion, iPhones are amazing for the standard user who wants a durable phone with little distractions. On the other hand, Android mobiles are tailored to be more suitable for power users, who like to tweak a lot with their phones and its features and don’t mind the occasional system crash.

What do you use: Android or iPhones? Which is better? Let us know in the comments.