Anne Marie K. is proud to announce the beginning of a partnership agreement with the renowned Baraka Retail Group, launching the clothing line, Tiyi, and opening two new stores by FW 2018, five stores during 2019 in Egypt and reaching regional expansion by Q4 2019.  

Joined to initiate a revival of Egypt’s role in the global fashion industry, two of the largest contributors in the local market; Mr. Ahmed Ragab, CEO of “BRG Holdings” and Marie Louis Bishara, representing the “Bishara for Fashion” group are backing up the young fashion designer Anne Marie K. by facilitating sustenance to the new brand’s retail and manufacturing development.

 On the forefront of fashion retailing in the Arab markets, with over 10 brands and 100 stores, Baraka Group complements this venture by welcoming the Egyptian designer, Anne Marie K., to their prominent distribution network; opening two new Tiyi prime location stores this September in Cairo Festival City and Mall of Arabia. This is a starting base for the exceptional venture, targeted to conquer the middle eastern fashion scene before taking it to global markets with a time frame of 3 years.

With an international legacy in the garment industry, the Bishara for fashion is promoting this venture by facilitating the nature of the designers unbound creative process through weaving, printing and garment manufacturing infrastructures that serve local and international brands such as Polo, Benetton, Calvin Klien, Laura Ashley, Marie Louis, BTM and more. 

Tiyi is the name of the brand, but she was also an Egyptian Queen.

The unprecedented thing about Tiyi is not where she came from but what she has become. No previous queen was ever glorified so prominently; standing tall of equal height to her husband in statue in the Egyptian museum.