Sure we all have personal annoying habits that drive other people crazy, but here is a list of some of the ones that keep showing up over and over.

Violating personal space 


Yegy mn warak w y2olk Twitter fel sho3’l? Aw tbos warak tla2y 7ad bases 3la your laptop! Basha sm3t 3n 7aga esmaha personal space?

Oversaying Masha2 Allah

How many Mash2 Allah are enough?! Leh kol 7aga lazem alz2 feha talata arb3a masha2 allah? Walahy msh 7a7sdk!

Rubbernecking when anything happens

Leh benw2f el share3 3shan netfrg 3la el 7awades ya gama3a? Eh el entertainment f 3arabyten mkhboten? Feen el mot3a! Leh m3tlny warak!

U-turning everywhere


Leh tksr mn akhr el ymeen lel uturn ely 3al shemal? Warak eh? Enta msln  azka wa7ed fena w wa2tk mn dahab w7na no2af fel lane el shemal w n3dy wara b3d 3shan e7na welad klb? Also, please use your signals.

Playing loud music… All the time


Eh znby eny asm3 John Legend “All of Me w All of You” mn mobilk? Eh znby ana! Ever heard of earphones? W ya reet mafesh soot ytl3 mn el earphones thank you very much.

Smoking everywhere imaginably possible

Ely beyshrbo sagayer in closed areas, boso ana m2dr enko emotionally unstable f bd2to tshrbo sagayer da 3’eer enko “you are puffing trouble away” w kol el tumblr posts Ana walahy m2dr kol da w rbena y2wemko bl salama w tkon akhr el a7zan inshallah HOWEVER, until then mmkn tshrbo segartko in an open area?

Constantly texting without turning off your notifications 

Ely by-text w msh 3amel el mobile silent Brdo Ana eh znby asm3 soot el taktaka l KOL 7arf beytktebo?

Clapping hands while laughing

Why do people clap their hands while laughing?
da 3’eer el rgala ely sotha bey2lb lma yd7ko w tla2y el pitch b2a very high as if someone kicked him in his balls

This scenario:
“-Etfdl 7dretk
-La maynf3shy lazem 7dretk el awl el ymeen el awl”
Leh maynf3shy ya gama3a? Malo el shemal? Leh feh discrimination l ay 7ad wa2ef fl 7ta el shemal? Tb walahy la a3dy Ana ely awl b2a!

There really are a lot more like interrupting a conversation, slurping soup loudly, never being on time, and the list goes on and on. But I suppose we all have had our “That’s annoying… Wait a second, I think I do that too…” moments, so I guess that annoying habits are just a part of all of us.