The internet is a crazy upside down jungle where you can encounter creatures of all sorts and intentions. Just like everything else, it’s a very different experience when you are of the female bodied population. 

1- The Others Inbox

Before Facebook came up with the genius idea to separate messages from strangers and those from your friends, all those creepy messages would go directly to your normal inbox. You had to deal with all those random people telling you how pretty you are or how they don’t usually do this but you are just too stunning not to talk to you. Social media is not a dating app. If we were interested in dating random people we met on the internet, that’s where we’d go!
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2- Stealing Your Pictures

Countless times have girls’ pictures been taken and a fake account created with someone else’s name. These people make lives up using your pictures! We have to give it to them; they’re pretty creative. Making up an entire life through a few snaps.


3- Free Beauty Advice

You’d look so much nicer if you lost weight. You should try wearing some color sometimes, not just black. You put too much make up on; you’re prettier naturally. So much unwanted, unasked for, almost offensive opinions. Thank you, but I think I’ll leave beauty advise to fashion blogs and magazines.


3- Likes

When you post on Instagram, you automatically get way more likes if any skin is showing. It’s almost like they have some sort of skin detection app that tells them a picture with this percentage of skin has been posted and automatically likes it!


4- Free Religious Advice

Your picture is showing too much; it’s too provocative. You’re a hijabi; how can you post a picture like that? You have a cigarette in your hand; it makes you look like a slut. OMG! Is that shisha?! The endless avalanche of people thinking they know what’s best for you will just keep pouring as long as your life is on display on the internet for anyone to judge.


5- Followers

People follow/add you as a friend from literally everywhere. How the hell did you even find my profile if we don’t have any friends in common? Do you like just search random girl names and add all of the ones you’re mildly attracted to?


6- Objectification

Yes, I have posted a picture on the internet and that obviously gives you the right to send me a message about how you like my body and how hot I am. Forget all social and cultural boundaries you have ever known and feel free to make me feel like a piece of meat that only exists for your viewing pleasure. Thank you!


No matter how much annoyances we have to deal with, weird creepy men will not bully us out of the internet. We will stay and just block any inconvenience. Honestly, thank God that button exists.