Not a party person? Over excessive partying? Your bank can no longer handle your party habits? What if we told you, you can still have an unforgettable time in Sahel without partying? Yes, it’s true. People can still enjoy the beauty that is called the North Coast without paying a fortune or pretend they’re party animals.

We’re as frustrated as much as the next guy about the party culture that took over our favorite beaches, and decided to take action and find ourselves an alternative.

While we would love to pretend that it took us days, even weeks, to come up with this list to pretend that we have been working hard, we surprisingly found it to be quite easy to find top-notch locations to hang out with our friends and families – all under one roof!

We found a state-of-the-art retail area called Rivette; located at KM 136 of the Alexandria-desert road – surrounded by the vibrant community of Amwaj and overlooks the astounding seashores of Sidi Abdel Rahman.

What makes Rivette special is the fact that you can find anything you can dream of! It has something for everyone – shoppers, residents, and tenants alike – with retail, dining, entertainment outlets, gaming zones, and a kids’ area.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what you can do at Rivette.

Dine and chill without breaking the bank

The dining area there is not just family-friendly, it’s a place where you can chill, have a good time, good food, and not cost you a fortune for a bad coffee.

You can treat yourself with a meal from Mistiqa or Buffalo Burger. Go to Dukes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chill at El Dai’a or Oya Lounge. Or even get some snacks from Abu Auf.

Your kids will have a good time

With numerous kids playing areas, you can let your kids have a good time as well. And let’s be real, we all want to chill without our kids every once in a while. Kids can enjoy their time shopping at The Pink Elephant or playing at Kids Hub.

Adults can go play as well

Who said play areas are just for kids? Rivette has everyone’s favorite escape room, Trapped. Whether you tried it before, or you’ve never been to an escape room, you can still have a new experience every time and try a different room with every visit.

If you want to go extreme, there’s the Zorbing where adults could unleash the kind within them.

You can shop until you drop


You can shop from top international, and local, brands at Rivette. From Mazaya to Sketchers, and everything in between; you’ll find it there.

And since you’re stuck in Sahel, you can pay your bills and have all our phone needs fixed for any operator outlet; from Etisalat to Vodafone and We.

More activities and less driving

Let’s be honest, we all hate Sahel driving and this reason by itself is why we love Rivette.