It’s safe to say that buying an apartment is the biggest investment, emotionally and financially, someone could make. You’re not just buying something, you’re buying a home; the most important thing you’ll own. Some people settle for their grandma’s old apartment, or the apartment their parents bought them 20 years ago and they didn’t even have a saying in choosing it. While those apartments are better than nothing, they will never reflect who you are and you’ll never be feeling at home when you’re at home. “Mountain View” introduced a game changer, the “i-Apartment” – an apartment where you can customize to cater your needs and give you the full residential experience!

“Mountain View” really did manage to shift their focus from just building real estate, to creating dream homes for residents – homely dreams. The concept of the “i-Apartment” is based on giving residents a world of choices and to reflect their own personalities in their dream home. You want to pick your view? You got it. Want to have more bathrooms and fewer rooms? Consider it done! It’s really as simple as that. With the i-Apartment, you get to pick what you’ll need from premium apartment basic offerings and benefits which include configurations, view, and outdoor extensions, to building features which include storage, parking, private court, and lounge. Everything will be built in your house by choice, which will create the ultimate bonding experience with your own house; the house you’re emotionally attached do and reflects who you and your family really are.

The configurations are really the most important part of the customization process since it includes what exactly you’ll be needing in your home. You get the chance to choose how many bedrooms, bathrooms, luxury items, housekeepers’ quarters and in-house laundry room you’ll need if any. As for the fun part of the customization, it has to be the view and outdoor extension where you get to pick between either a 360 view, park view, park front or court view, and the outdoor extension you get to pick between a garden, roof, or terrace, based on your preference.

The i-Apartments are a part of Mountain View’s “i-City” compound in both New Cairo and 6th of October city. I-City is built with the 4D model which is introduced for the first time. The model is based on separating the compound to four different layers; one for the island, one for the cornich, one for the cars, and the last one for the parks. The separation of the cars and the cornich guarantees the full safety for the residents, as well as ease of transportation.

As for the part where everyone doesn’t like – the price and payment – Mountain View has always been known for its competitive prices, and attractive payment plans that’s up to 10 years with zero compromise on choices. So basically you’ll be getting a customizable apartment, payment, and life. What more could you ask for?