As the 2020’s proceed, we’re proud to see that environmental awareness is gaining note. Many movements and methods of maintaining the environment have become so momentous companies, like Aquafina, are pitching in too through fashion.

How Aquafina Is Incorporating Fashion with Environmentalism

There are many ways with which we can recycle plastic and Aquafina has clearly gotten the memo as it’s now embarking on a new route of turning its plastic into new fashionable items for the Gouna Film Festivals’s 3rd Edition.

Not only this, but these items will offer tons of environmental benefits, which is something everyone will benefit from.

This new route Aquafina is taking will come in the form of baskets it had installed in the event to collect plastic to turn it into fashionable items, soon to be announced.

Who’s Getting in On It

Many have already participated in this upcycling program. Many celebrities and influencers have shown their support by throwing plastic bottles in the installed baskets and waiting for Aquafina to announce what the exciting resulting items will be.

In a time where not many companies are environmentally aware, it’s great to see a big name like Aquafina doing something for the environment.

A truly inspiring move for others to follow.