Seeking professional help isn’t wrong in any kind of way! 

These are some of the reasons we don’t, maybe you can understand that all of them SHOULD not put you off if you feel you need help!

Parental Understanding

Explaining depression to our parents is nearly impossible. They want to help and we are sure they would accept their children in any way or form, but that’s just what we are to them “children“. We tend to forget that as we grow older and have more baggage, they too grow older. Our mothers might think we just got out of a relationship and that time will heal all wounds, while our fathers probably think school work is just becoming too much and that’s what is stressing us out. Surprise, it’s not! We have mental issues. Social pressure, bullying, screwed up relationships, smearing and slandering friend to name a few!

Social Manipulation

Some people scream it at the top of their lungs, but we can never truly tell if it’s an actual cry for help or a sheer attempt to seek attention. Our generation has now glorified the idea of suffering from a mental illness. But the fact is that those who actually suffer from one are the ones who are quietest about it. But we keep checking every now and then, fearing for others’ mental state.


No matter who you confide in, whether it’s your best friend, your siblings or even a lover, they won’t truly understand what you’re going through. They will not understand your illness and will not understand how to help! That being said, relationships have become complicated, back-stabbing and ugly! Not trusting people is becoming the norm.

Confiding in a total stranger might do the trick! Seeking a therapist, who you can trust to have no intentions to harm you in any way, is sometimes easier since you would get an outsider’s perspective; an outsider with knowledge! They will know what to do when your illness just becomes worse and you refuse to get out of bed. When your friends try to help, all they want to do is protect you even if what they’re giving you might not be the best advice!

“Depression is Poetry”

Social media has set an image into young millennials’ minds that being depressed is normal and that many people are supporting you. Although social media may portray your scars as beautiful, there are other ways to deal with how you feel. We have become able to open up with strangers on the internet because we can’t find someone we feel comfortable enough to talk to in those surrounding us everyday. These are illnesses; they are not OK!

Time Has Changed

We differ from one generation to another; life seems a lot harder now than it was back in the day. I think we can all agree, even our parents. The streets no longer make us feel safe, our friends’ peer pressure is worse than it was before, causing a lot of mental issues that did not exist before. No matter what your social standard, it’s hitting you in the face. Everything just became too much to handle, even for those who think they have it all. Look around you, anxiety and depression is all you could see. We as a generation accept this fact!

Seeking help at the age of eight, eighteen or even thirty is okay. We all need an outside perspective, a mind that understands ours in a way. Even if you think that person might not know you, they have studied how you think for years.