It’s no secret that Egypt is into the English Premier League (EPL), point blank. Go out at any time and you’ll hear someone ranting about or celebrating a match result or a player gaining or costing them Fantasy Football points.

Here’s another not-so-secret thing: Coca-Cola is an enthusiastic supporter of football, already channeling this support into iconic AFCON ads featuring hit songs and Egyptian super-fans.

As the go-to drink for every Egyptian football fanatic, Coca-Cola decided to up its game even more. Yes, you read it right!

Not so long ago, Coca-Cola went ahead and became the Premier League’s official soft drink partner, with many surprises up its sleeve to treat the fans to their favorite league of all time.

See, Coca-Cola promised us something interesting. The chance to be closer to EPL games than ever before. The only thing we have to do here is go to the official Coca-Cola website and play the game by predicting match scores correctly and adding codes found under EPL-designed cans to gain points.

Yes, it’s exactly the same as hanging out with your friends and predicting the match scores except that if you guess accurately and gain the most points, you yourself get to the top of Coca-Cola’s table and win exclusive packages, including flight tickets, accommodation, and match tickets, to watch Premier League games live!

Who knows what else the exclusive match experience will offer? Drink up and play hard now!