By Malak Naguib

We sometimes get into relationships without having really thought it through. Read to find out if you’re rushing into the relationship and always remember to give yourself time to think before making decisions.

-You haven’t known them for very long: For the most part, people need some time to get to know each other and be fully themselves together. If you’ve just met a few weeks ago, you may want to give yourself more time before deciding to make them your partner.

-You don’t know much about them: You may have known them for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean you’ve spent enough time with them to know who they truly are, their likes/dislikes and how they behave in different situations. It’s important to have gone through a lot of experiences with a person you’re starting a relationship with to be able to make a proper judgment. Make sure you know them well first.

-You feel like you’re being pushed into it by people around you: Sometimes people want to fix you up so badly, that they would do/say anything to convince you to start a relationship with someone. As much as their concern is appreciated, you should make such decisions yourself and make sure you’re not influenced by other people’s opinion. Ignore the “dawalad lo2ta” and “di bent mafish zayaha” comments. You be the judge, not them.

-You just want a relationship because a lot of people around you are taking serious steps in theirs: Seeing everyone else starting new relationships or getting engaged and married sometimes makes us feel bad about being single and pressures us into finding a partner as soon as possible. This may push you to settle or rush into something you’re not entirely sure of. Don’t fall into this trap. Take your time. You will eventually find someone who makes you happy.

-Your loved ones don’t seem too convinced: Those closest to us sometimes have a better perspective than we do. They know us so well and can tell when we’re truly into someone or just going along with it for the wrong reasons. Listen to them. They might be wrong, but it will do you no harm to hear what those who love you most have to say.

-You’re not really feeling it: That one is pretty obvious. If you feel like you’re basically forcing yourself into it, then you’re probably not too convinced or ready to be in a relationship with that person. My advice is to either take more time to think or call the whole thing off before things get messy.

  • Ahmed Foash

    will if you are un-social and trying to socialis with who is around you it would be a big mess and you will feel embarrassed sometimes it end in three ways one grow hatred on human beings for not accepting who you are and isolate yourself sometimes become a serial killer or 2 suicide or 3 revenge without becoming a serial killer