Tagamo3 Girl

According to Al Watan, police forces in Suez have detained a businessman who turned out to be the father of the young man accused of harassment in the infamous ‘Tagamo3 Girl’ incident. The police detained the businessman in response to the Supreme State Security Prosecution’s order for arresting him.

The man is accused of owing several banks in Cairo millions of Egyptian pounds. He was transferred to a police station in Suez following his arrest in Ain Sukhna, where he owns a touristic resort.

A security source revealed that the businessman is indebted to banks in Cairo, and not in Suez. He further explained that the police forces in Suez only implemented the orders of his arrest.

The “Tagamo3 Girl” Harassment Incident

Looking back at the ‘Tagamo3 Girl’ harassment incident, which took place last August, two videos showing two men harassing a woman on the street in New Cairo started circulating on Facebook.

The videos were posted by Facebook user Menna Gubran who claimed that these men started following and harassing her because she was standing alone in the street. Instead of being passive about it, she decided to take out her phone and film the incident as it happened.

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