We Egyptians have a lot of artists, writers, philosophers and intellectuals and if you’re one of these then you definitely like to go to cool places where you can be surrounded by other people like you, engage in lovely conversations with others, and get to see artistic and traditional performances. Here are some places that make our list. 

1-Sufi Bookstore


It’s originally a book store, but at the same time it’s a coffee shop where artists, intellects, writers and regular people meet. It’s located in Zamalek in an old apartment, consisting of rooms and a hallway. They also offer a number of different classes every now and then, recently, they have been having yoga classes too.


2-El Horeya


El Horeya is a balady café/bar in Downtown, Bab el Louk. It’s usually crowded with artists, writers, poets, intellectuals, and locals. You find them sitting at the café having their drink, either coffee or beer while engaged in a nice conversation with other people.


3-Antique Khana


What could be better than a place that combines food, art, music, and books? Antique Khana is a beautiful place in Zamalek that is owned by a family who appreciates all of these things and we’re lucky that they do. They also host different bands.


4-3elbet Alwan


It is an extremely cool cozy place where you can chill and enjoy all kinds of arts. They sell old and new books, and offer all sorts of workshops: acting, writing, scenario writing, and music instruments. They also host events and concerts on the weekends.


5-Darb 1718


Darb is an art and culture centre that has two art galleries, a theatre, and outdoor cinema to host independent film screenings; it also has gardens and rooftops. Darb 1718 is different than other Art centres because it hosts all kinds of art and it even has a place for international artists to stay in. Darb 1718 also offers a wide variety of workshops like sculpture and poetry.




It’s an old small place in Downtown that constantly hosts Egyptian musicians who sing traditional music. Their aim is to encourage diversity, to present Egyptian oral and traditional art, and to encourage the re-establishment of popular traditions and social festivals. People get to gather and have the opportunity to watch gigs and performances that are so different because they are rarely presented to a wide audience now.


7-Bikya Bookstore


Bikya is a cozy bookstore located in Nasr City owned by five girls. There, you can enjoy reading a book while enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack. They also prepare movie nights every now and then.