When we were young, we heard all kinds of weird things! As Egyptians, it is normal to know about all the eerie asateer on this list, since our parents tormented us for some weird unknown reason…Here are some of the torments… I mean.. things we’ve heard.

A big shout out to Tameem Younes, he was the first one to point to these asateer thing online in more than an episode of “raseeny”.

Food Monsters!

El set deh om fl awel w fell a5er

Omena el Ghoula, our mothers would scare us with such myths to finish our food, which I never understood why. Its not like we were going to be skinny in this country!


El Akl 7aygry warak!
ok..Then what? w ba3deen? What will happen when it does? Will it eat me up?

Even pizza can be dangerous.


…aw el bo3bo3 will come get you.

What if I want to stay up late? I HAVE MY RIGHTS, DAMMIT!

Nam yad, ya2ema 7agy a3mel m3ak el sa7

Don’t open the door when your alone!

Normally I’d say its because a burglar or stranger would come in, but Abo Regl Masloo5a would come get you. Ya ged3an dah ragel ta3ban, 7aram 3aleeko, he probably needs a hug.

Rare footage for abo regl masloo5a

If you lie you will be hanged!

…from your tongue- literally. Too extreme?

Time to get hanged.

Black cats!

Stay away from them! They are EVIL SPIRITS! Well technically, this is a worldwide superstition. Like broken glass.

Not all cats are evil…….meoooooow 😉

 If you don’t drink your milk you’ll stay short!

…as if we needed more reasons to not grow. Right Tameem?