In an attempt to revive the beauty of Cairo’ s gardens, event organizers are starting to make events there to make the public notice them.

One of the most beautiful and historical gardens that has been witnessing a considerable number of visits is the ‏Aquarium Grotto Garden aka Genent el Asmak. Located by the Nile in Zamalek on Gabalayia Street; it is one of the oldest gardens in Cairo and it is characterized by its spacious landscape and unique architecture, which made it a hot spots for organizing many entertaining events.


Saturday March 7th witnessed the most joyful event that has been organized there. The theme of the event was “Women ‘s day Out, Egypt Craftopia”, which aimed to encourage Cairo inhabitants to spend a fun day and shop for some beautiful Egyptian handicrafts, as well as a performance by the great Jazz entertainer, Ahmed Harfoush.

The event had many activities, including a free accessory workshop provided by the design studio of Azza Fahmy, variety of kids activities and competitions at the kids area, several unique items were displayed including home accessories, colorful glassware, paintings, silver art work, calligraphy designs, decorative flowers, and even notebooks!


The food corner was next to the famous green hill of the garden. Many people had the chance to pick their grilled food and chill by the green hill which overlook the whole garden. Delicious cupcakes were also displayed to enjoy your dessert.


Before the sunset, an open air concert was performed by the jazz star Ahmed Harfoush. He sang the classic jazz hits and modern jazz tunes which left the lucky attendees joyful and more than satisfied with the fun day, which ended perfectly.


The entrance fee was 5 LE, which is very reasonable and encourages more future visits to the garden if you consider spending your weekend in a different way. Basically having a picnic in one of Cairo’s parks!