Don’t get us wrong; we love Red Velvet cake as much as the average human being should- emphasis on the word “CAKE.” The problem arises, however, when we attempt to basically ruin the dessert masterpieces our ancestors have created by dumping as many sugary layers as possible. We’re all for innovation, but well, let’s please try and be tasteful about it, shall we?

After eagerly trying so many of this Ramadan’s latest dessert creations, we’ve reached one conclusion: old is gold when it comes to oriental desserts. We love our Kunafa with cheese or cream, our Basbousa red velvet-less, our Katayef filled with just nuts and our Oum Ali with good old puff pastry. Sure, we got over excited about all the new twists on traditional desserts. I mean, who can blame us? They look like absolute eye candy, but the truth of the matter is, taste-wise, nothing trumps the original creations.

When pictures of Red Velvet and Nutella ka7k surfaced on the internet, we started panicking a little for we certainly know how heavy traditional ka7k is without the added layers of condiments. Will we have to risk our more or less healthy blood sugar levels once again after Ramadan is over? Will our will power stand aside as we eat our way to a possible Diabetic coma? Are we that masochistic?

Personally, Ramadan has done enough damage to our waist lines and so, no, those supposed new-and-improved ka7k variations are definitely not welcome. Moreover, sugar-on-top-of-more-sugar desserts no longer feel appealing to our taste buds- it’s pretty much the same case as when you test-smell a dozen different perfumes and you reach a point where they all smell the same. We no longer have strong dessert cravings that’ll be satisfied the minute we have a forkful of some good old Kunafa Nabulseya. Instead, we get gooey stuff mixed with gooey-er stuff and we’re supposed to be head over heels over it.

So what do we, foodies, want? We want to stick to the basics, or at the very least, we want new creations that actually make sense. Culinary excellence is a true art; going with whatever trendy flavour won’t make you some kind of master chef. We want desserts that ooze with unique, basically life-changing flavours; overrated fillings and way too many toppings won’t cut it. Also, stay away from our beloved Ghorayeba- if anyone attempts to dye it red and smother it with cream cheese, heads will roll. You have been warned.