How many times have you woken up, been forced to rush out the door? Then realized you’re a walking zombie and had to dash to On The Run for a quick morning coffee fix?

Now, how many times have you had your morning coffee and wished you had a donut with it?

It’s time to shut up your inner Homer Simpson and satisfy your sweet tooth because On The Run is now serving donuts!


Donuts in On The Run.

That’s not all. Just like everything sold in On The Run, the Donuts will be freshly baked and served at the stores.

As for the flavors, they are on point! From the standard Vanilla flavor to Nutella, and Raspberry. Even everyone’s newest flavor Louts!

You can have singles, or many in a box or even have a mini donuts box with all the flavours.

The boxes are designed to elevate your donuts experience or to be gifted on special occasions or served in formal meetings without needing to repack or cover.

Everything is wrapped with love by the On The Run staff, and no tips needed to make it top notch! (Yes, On The Run has a no tipping policy, in case you lived under a rock)

Honestly, we feel like we overdosed on coffee and went to heaven!

We don’t want to sound desperate, but our morning coffee experience at On The Run is the one of the things that makes us feel worthy cause of how friendly the staff are. And what’s better than having someone smile to you, give you coffee AND donuts?