Rumor has it that Justin Bieber is now engaged and we still can’t believe it. Pictures have been circulating around, him and his fiance sending love letters online on social media platforms. Yet, we still can’t believe that he is not engaged to Selena.

Hailey Baldwin is his beloved fiance and we can’t deny how cute they both are together. It seems like they are quite in love with each other, but so they were a couple of years back.

Justin has a weird history with both Selena and Hailey and it is actually surprising that he ended up with Hailey and not Selena. He first dated Selena back in 2011, broke up and got with Hailey and then broke up. Then the same exact story happened this year but he ended up engaged to Hailey.

We bet that Hailey herself is surprised too, given that she was rooting for them since 2011.

A new role model for turning crushes/exes to potential husbands

Now we can assume that Hailey is a really smart chic that we need to follow as a role model. We bet that she has this rulebook of ‘how to make your crush leave his famous amazing girlfriend twice for you’. Has she been planning this since 2011 or is it just pure luck? We would never know.

Please, Hailey, help us all solve our tragic romances because obviously, you are very good at this. And your amazing ring can prove that.

We are of course glad that you got the ring of your dreams and obviously the man of your dreams too.

P.S. Don’t forget to pass down the information to help your sisters out. We.Need.HELP

We wish them both a great life together full of accomplishments, love and happiness. And the lesson to be learned ladies is to never close a door because you never know what happens. Maybe your ex would suddenly be your Prince Charming.