As the end of Summer is fast approaching, all of us who spent a few weeks or a whole month in Sahel bathing in the sun in the morning and partying it up at night, or going every weekend you get to enjoy the few days of summer, are getting a little sad that it’s almost over. It’s so close. Too close to the end. Sahel has been lovely, and now we’re dreading that it’s time to go home. These are the realities you have to face once you leave the relaxing vibes of Sahel and head back to Cairo. 

1- Not Waking Up To The Beach


What’s better than the beautiful view of the sandy beaches across our beautiful Sahel. The North Coast’s view is so soothing to the soul, that just waking up to it makes us feel instantaneously better. Sadly, Summer’s ending soon and we’ll have to wait till next Spring/Summer to go back to Sahel.

2- Back To Traffic


Beeping horns, 3 lanes in place of 2, narrow roads, bumps and staying stuck in traffic for 3 hours – yup, that sounds about right.

3- No More Fresh Air; Back To Suffocation


It’s sunny AF, but the fresh air in Sahel still gives us the breezy goodness that we long for after 9 months in Cairo’s air pollution. Now, we’re back to suffocation.

4- You Have To Wear Clothes 


Hot shorts and crop tops are okay in Sahel, but a big no-go in Cairo. We know better than to reveal that much skin in Cairo – but it’s so damn hot. If only we could still roam around half naked, summer’s in Cairo may be just a little more bearable.

5- Summer Vibes No More 

giphy (2)

Sipping cold drinks by the beach, going to Martin’s Beach, grooving to chill music by the pool or the beach, are all why Sahel gives us the summer vibes we crave throughout the year. And now that we have to go back home, we bid those summery vibes farewell.

6- Work work work work work work 


And we can’t forget to address the elephant in the room. We were at the beach, enjoying the vacation, and now that we’re leaving Sahel, we’re going back to responsibilities. Some of us are going to school, others to university. The least fortunate ones of us going back to work must be miserable.


But hey, don’t be sad that it ended, but be glad that it happened. [Insert more cliche sayings here]. Sahel patiently awaits your return next year.