Nothing beats being a kind person who takes care of other people’s needs; Enta

#Fa3el_kheir Mobinil campaign, has made a strong comeback.


With the “Back to School” coinciding with the Eid celebrations this year, we have

been witnessing various surprises spread over the Egyptian streets aimed at

bringing joy to people in this period. The campaign started by placing racks of

children’s clothes in several areas as well as boxes full of toys and shelves with

school books .The free items found on the streets were all tagged “#Fa3el_kheir;

for our kids and youth to get ready for Eid.” Also among the surprises was Enta

#fa3el_kheir bus that was spotted roaming the Egyptian streets and stopping

families & kids to give out toys, balloons and school supplies. Also as part of the

ongoing surprises by Enta #fa3el_kheir, families shopping for school supplies at

“Samir & Ali” stationeries were surprised by the “Happy Hour” announcement

where all their purchases fees were paid by Mobinil. On checking out, the families

were greeted by confetti popping all over the air and balloons.


Having brightened up those kids day has evidently left its positive marks on each

and every one who participated in this campaign.