Covid-19 is not over; it’s clear as day now. Still, here we are finding ourselves in a situation where we have to start going on with our normal lives. An important aspect of that is work. If the decision has been made and you’re about to have a “back to the office” situation, here are some tips to help you cope!

Find Your Pace

How long has it been? 4 months? 3 months? It’s a pretty significant amount of time to be away from your office and it will be a bit tricky coming back. Acknowledging that, it’s okay to feel slower when it comes to productivity and the whole work politics that comes with it. Just trust in time and gradually everything will go back to normal.

Slowly Re-establish Connections

Socially, your skills won’t be rushing back either. You might feel a little discomfort in meeting people every day, reporting to your superiors face to face and even the usually fun small talks at lunch might feel too much.

Try and communicate these concerns to your workmates; they’re probably feeling the same. And, feel free to take some extra breaks or even move your work station to a quieter room. Anything that will help you power through!

Discuss More Work-from-home Days

If you tried everything and this just feels too much for your mental health, that’s fine. Maybe discuss extra working from home days? That’s of course in case your work input won’t be badly affected. If it would, just talk to your boss about your situation and he might suggest taking some days off.

When you’re back to the office, make sure you and your workmates are abiding by the safety and hygiene guidelines, it goes without saying now!