We’ve all been through a phase in middle or high school when we started listening to Punk and Alternative rock. It was becoming so popular and common in Egypt and was always affiliated with being “the cool kid who listens to cool music”.

We decided, at Identity, to put together a list of the most famous bands we were obsessed with during our teenage years along with their biggest hits back then.

For those of you who are wondering whether these bands are still making music or not, we will be answering your question.


1- My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance split in 2013 and stopped producing music.


2- Green Day

Green Day are expected to release a come back album this year.


3- Good Charlotte

The American rock band hasn’t released any albums since 2010.


4- Blink 182

Blink 182 are supposed to release an album this year.


5- Sum41

The Canadian band launched a campaign in July for their comeback album.


6- All American Rejects

All American Rejects haven’t split, but they haven’t released any albums since 2012.


7- System of a Down

SOAD didn’t split, but their last album was in 2005.


8- Yellowcard

The American pop punk/alternative rock band’s last album was in 2014.


9- Gorillaz

The English virtual band’s last album was in 2011, but they’re expected to release their comeback album this year.


10- Linkin Park

Linkin Park are still producing music, their last album was in 2014.


11- Simple Plan

The Canadian band’s last album was in 2011


12- Evanescence

The band got released from their record label and became independent artists in 2014; their last album was in 2011.


13- Papa Roach

Papa Roach’s last album was released in January 2015.


14- Panic! At The Disco

The American rock band didn’t split; their last album was released in 2013.