As part of its commitment to continuously offer the latest and up-to-date technological banking solution in the Egyptian Market, Bank Audi launched NOVO; the latest hi-tech banking service. The service is now available at Zamalek branch from 9:00am to 9:00pm and soon will be available 24/7.

“Bank Audi is keen to invest in providing up-to-date technologically advanced banking products and services to effectively and efficiently reach its customers. NOVO technology, which is the first of its kind to enter the Egyptian market, will cause a revolutionary change in the banking sector and will provide our customer with a unique banking experience” SaysMr. Hatem Sadek – Chairman and Managing Director of Bank Audi in Egypt.

The innovative technology “NOVO by Bank Audi”is a simple interactive banking solutions facility that allows customers to navigate through Bank Audi products and services via multi-touch screens, and a user-friendly interface. NOVO is equipped with an “Advisory Room”, which is the first of its kind in the Egyptian market that allows customers to have a video conference with Bank Audi advisor and allow them to conduct some of their banking transactions in complete privacy. The room is also equipped with all the necessary technology that allow customers to apply for a loan, credit card or other services such as request for applications or some transactions like time deposit booking or request for issuing a debit card or transfer between their own accounts.

Bank Audi-530

“NOVO” is also equipped withan “Information Station”, which is designed with two multi-touch screensto facilitate the navigation for the customers and allow them to browse all Bank Audi’svarious products and services, as well as browsing through Bank Audi’s large collection of cards, loans, accounts and Bancassurance products offered by “GIG”. Moreover customers can send message or talk live to one of Bank Audi advisors through video conference.

“Our latest service “NOVO” is an innovative concept which is in line with our strategy of providing the best technologically advanced solutions to our customers. Our customers can now manage their accounts, transfer money and benefit from the assistance of personal advisor at any time through video conference. “NOVO” gives customers an easy and interactive access to banking services that suites everyone’s needs”Mr. Mohamed Abbas Fayed, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Bank Audi in Egypt commented.