Bassita start up is a dream come true to the Egyptian society! Dating back to 2014, Bassita saw an opportunity and took it! It’s safe to say that it all started through this idea that was proved right by the Arab Spring of 2011. Bassita saw the impact of social media on the world, and how it can literally topple regimes and promote new ones. They decided to use the social media penetration to their advantage, or in other words, to attain social good and social change. In doing so, they launched the click-funding model which was established in 2014.

The click-funding model, which is currently based in Cairo, provides the Egyptian people with what we believe is the thing they need the most: the opportunity to be able to contribute to their community. The process is fairly easy; all the Egyptian citizen has to do is log onto his or her social media accounts and start liking, viewing, commenting or sharing a post. In doing these simple activities, the ordinary citizen helps a cause get funded through the sponsors. The founders of the click-funding model call it the win-win-win method, because all the three parties involved in the process end up satisfied. The sponsors get more visibility which works in favor of their overall image in the community, since the click funding campaigns reach hundreds of thousands of people through mass online marketing. As for the social initiatives and organizations, they get their causes funded. And finally, the clicker or the social media user stands a real chance at taking action and achieving real change, ensuring in that the availability of dedicated public commitment for social causes.

If you still feel like you don’t get the whole picture, then you should definitely check out their latest videos. One of the contributions we liked the most was Misr El-Kheir foundation’s ‘Education for All’ video. Keep in mind though, the campaign is over so your views won’t count. On the bright side, Bassita are still going strong, so keep a watch out for their upcoming campaigns.

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