How would you react if you were walking down the street and saw a banner that says, “Be a man; don’t dress your daughter/wife in tight clothes!” or “Fear Allah, and don’t dress your daughter/wife in tight clothes!” Well, unfortunately we came across a similar poster with pictures of this so-called “initiative”; I’m not really sure what to make of it.

A group of males decided to start this campaign and hang banners in different places around the country calling on all men to “Estargel! W matlabessh banatak me7aza2.”

First off I feel the urge to ask, did any girl/woman, by any means, put your life or well being in danger by wearing whatever she chose to wear? Did she force it on you or on any of your family members? Are you such an angel that you, a human being like my very self and any other woman, decide to judge me instead of our Almighty Lord? Do you think that our God isn’t capable of doing so Himself? If God ordered us to do something, it’s called “غض البصر”!

We are not going to discuss religion, for that’s not the point, but unfortunately some people feel that they are superior to other human beings in this world that they take it upon themselves to judge them just because they SIN DIFFERENTLY, that is if you’re even going to consider dressing in tight clothes a sin!

What cooled us down a bit is a counter initiative by women who also decided to put up banners in different places calling for “Be a man, and don’t harass her!”; “Estargel Enta w Mat3akesshash.”

Thank you ladies for doing so on behalf of humanity and civilization. To everyone else: Don’t ask someone to stop doing something that’s totally harmless for the sake of something that’s as devastating as harassment.

  • Iron Hunter

    Well, I’m with the guys on this one. Cause the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: لا يدخل الجنة ديوث, والديوث هو الذي لا يغار علي اهله. So It’s harmless to any man who would allow his family members to wear tight clothes since he does not care what people say or doesn’t care if they get harassed, which means he is a “Dayooth”(ديوث). And about (غض البصر), it applies when a woman accidentally shows off a part of her body or for men to not look at what god forbid like for example Naked women. And the Women who said that it’s for men to not harass that’s wrong, you don’t walk into the lions den with sheep. A woman must protect her body then if someone wrongs her then he is at fault but wearing tight clothes is not protecting, its public display. So please before attacking people who are trying to benefit the society and check all facts before posting or writing an article.