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By: Yara Tarek

Back in November 2018 we wrote that the London based media company “Beautiful Destinations” might be partnering with Egypt to encourage tourism.

But now we’re 100% sure they’re on board, partnering with “Experience Egypt” and exposing the mesmerizing beauty of Egypt to the world.

2 days ago, Jeremy Jauncey posted his first picture in Egypt

He said that he was invited by Egyptian Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat to partner with “Experience Egypt“, the official account for Egypt Tourism. He also said that the main purpose of this partnership was to encourage tourists to visit the country and show the world what Egypt is really like.

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Touchdown in Cairo 😁🇪🇬 In November last year @raniaalmashat Tourism Minister for Egypt and I sat down in London to talk about the power of economic development through tourism. She shared her views on connecting people, celebrating culture and the number of undiscovered parts of her country that were waiting to be shared with the world. We agreed a partnership between @beautifuldestinations & @experienceegypt to bring this to life, to empower Egyptian people and inspire tourists to come to the country 😊 The next few days I’ll be sharing my experience and #beautifuldestinations teams will be travelling the country to start meeting people and creating content. Any Egyptian friends please get in touch or anyone that has been and has recommendations or ideas, we’d love to hear from you. My Arabic is very basic but the one phrase I remember that captures how excited we feel about partnering with Egypt is…. Yalla Bina! (📷: @seifamro)

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Egypt’s highlight on his account is so beautiful

He started posting pictures and stories yesterday…and may we say we’re absolutely stunned with how gorgeous they are.

From horseback riding, playing Amr Diab’s songs to having a taste of pure Egyptian cuisine; it truly is the best interpretation of “Experiencing Egypt”.

Check out his stories here; you’ll understand.

Beautiful Destinations

Yalla Beena

He confessed earlier that his Arabic is very basic so this is pretty much the only sentence he’s using. But we love it anyway…Can you imagine the number of people who would finally get a glimpse of our beloved Egypt?!

Beautiful Destinations

We can’t wait to see the rest of his stories. This a very big deal, people. We’re really thrilled with this partnership. Egypt has many hidden gems that are just waiting to be unveiled. This is going to be Legend-wait for it-Dary Legendary!

Beautiful Destinations