Sometimes finding a costume is just impossible in Egypt; either your friend will be wearing it or your next-door neighbor would be. And since Egypt isn’t really at the top of the costumes list, we decided to offer the ultimate treat for those who aren’t afraid to go all out on Halloween.

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Ladies and gentlemen, make-up is everything.


1. Freddy Krueger – Nightmare On Elm Street

Pack of Gelatin – (you can buy it from any supermarket)


3 Shades of red paint

Black paint



2. Chucky & The Bride Of Chucky

For the couples that love to complete each other on Halloween, why not be the most gruesome serial killers of all time?

Rigid collodion or gelatin to create scars

Liquid latex (you can use gelatin instead)


Red and black paint

Red Spray

Light Foundation


3. Samara- The Ring


White Powder

Black, brown, grey and red eye shadow

Paint brush



4. Pennywise The Clown

Swim cap

White face paint

Red paint

Red lipstick

Black and red eye shadow

Black eyeliner (for the eyebrows)


5. Joker- Suicide Squad


White powder

Red and black eyeliner

Red paint


Black eye shadow

Green paint

Light brown eye shadow (for contouring)


6. Annabelle

It’s all about highlighting the creases of your face!


White setting powder

Light brown eye shadow

Black eyeliner

White face paint

White eyeliner

Dark purple eye shadow

Red lipstick

Red blush

We all have that notion that every year should be better than the previous one in terms of creativity and costume choices. Makeup can really be everything to create the perfect scary look.