Beef فى رغيف is a super creative and witty name; the take-out joint serves only liver, oriental sausages sandwiches and hawawshi (bread stuffed with minced meat).  Despite the limited menu and the very specific specialty, Beef fe Regheef did not get it right! The sausages were more than a paste than diced chunky pieces of meat; the peculiar pasty sandwich was badly seasons and tasted weird. Things did not get better for the liver sandwich, the mixture had no traces of green peppers, onions and chilly which are essential ingredients for that type of food. Again the content was weird and paste like more of a sandwich of fois gras than’ kebda eskandarani’. 

The prices are way too high for the product served; LE7 pounds for a sandwich which is ridiculously expensive as sandwiches of the kind are usually half the price. Nothing in this miserable take out place was up to standards, definitely a waste of time and money.