Women  around the world face the threat of losing one of their most important body parts due to breast cancer. This is why companies and NGOs all over the world collaborate together to help raise awareness through various campaigns which help bring breast cancer under the spotlights. To establish their goal of protecting as many women as possible, various campaigns are held during October of every year to ensure that this goal is fulfilled.

Fonoun Wardeya



After winning the battle with breast cancer, Egyptian Reham El-Sonbaty used her artistic talents to target women of special needs who didn’t have access to TVand online campaigns. She used portraits to illustrate breast cancer, and sign language to further explain the threat of breast cancer and the importance of checkups. Reham’s goal is to spread the awareness to women with hearing impairment, who lack knowledge about this very important topic. She holds exhibitions that welcome all women introducing a new way to educate them about breast cancer.The proceeds go to women who can’t afford their own consultation.

XIXILI L Love My Life Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign



In support of their NGO partner, “Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BSWA)”, XIXILI hosted the 10th annual breast cancer awareness campaign in Utama shopping center in Malaysia. The 5 day campaign hosted many beauty and fashion retailers, as well as hair stylists to preform several on ground activities that aim to emphasize the importance of “loving yourself first”. The  activities included photo booths, beauty makeovers, charity dry haircuts, pink fashion shows, dance performance, public donations and fundraising. During the campaign, BSWA brought its PINK MURNI Truck, along with several volunteers and survivors to the site. This got 114 women to perform their Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) with the on-site medical team, discovering 4 suspicious lumps in the process. In addition, 286 women were further taught to perform their monthly Breast Self-Exam (BSE), which was a major awareness spread.

The Pink Ribbon Highway



In an attempt to take creativity to a whole new level, Icelandic ad agency, Brandenburg, and the Icelandic Cancer Society decided to develop an original awareness campaign. It went as far as painting a looping highway in bright pink to resemble a pink ribbon, which is considered to be the international symbol of the battle against cancer. Even though it can only be fully seen from the air, no one can drive over this pink highway without paying attention to the attracting bright color.

7th Pink 80’s & 90’s Zumbathon



The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt is constantly coming up with ideas and events to spread awareness about breast cancer. This event particularly stood out with its unique idea of an 80’s and 90’s Zumba dance. The event’s theme required the participants to relive the 80’s and90’s music,funky clothes,games,photo booths, and accessories. Of course, all the proceeds went directly to help the patients who couldn’t afford treatment and to createmore awareness campaigns.

The Burjuman Safe & Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign



The Safe & Sound campaigns have been dominating the Middle East for 18 consecutive years. With a solid goal of spreading awareness, the campaigns held by Safe & Sounds get more creative and useful each year. But to guarantee that the awareness is ongoing throughout the year, Safe & Sound app was introduced in the UAE and outside it. The app allows participants to run, walk, track their progress and donate money directly to Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends using the app’s built in payment gateway.