Years and years of hitting beaches and pools with your mom, and you just can’t get over her yummy after-beach snacks till this very moment? A day where you end up with salty hair and tanned skin doesn’t require expensive fatty meals or fleshy snacks. And paradoxically, exerting a lot of effort to prepare snacks for a lazy hazy beach time doesn’t seem too appealing either.

Which is why we’ve picked some effortless easily-prepared light snacks that would revive your day!


Fresh Fruity Bowls

What’s easier than mixing seasonal fruits together as a beach snack? Juicy fruits will always give you the tropical summer feels and won’t cost you much. Just cut the fruits into even cubes, and here you go!


Mini Sandwiches

Because a full belly isn’t needed for a sunlit day; mini burgers, sausages or smoked salmon bites are definite must-haves. All you’ll need to do is grill them for a short time. Don’t worry, they will take you under 5 minutes to prepare!



As weird as it sounds, but chips do make the best snack if you’re not really hungry but still want to delve into the food fest. Make sure you pack it in your tote.


Frozen Yogurt

This, perhaps, is our ultimate weakness in sunny weather! You’ll need 3 cups of plain, vanilla or any flavored yogurt of your choice and sweetener to taste. Mix them together and leave them in the freezer for about 30 minutes, and it’s ready!



Pasta Salad

Who doesn’t crave pasta on the beach? Instead of adding thick white or red sauce, you can just opt for a pasta salad! Prepared with fresh peas, sweetcorn and bell peppers, this salad will keep you saturated while still feeling the season’s vibes!


With these simple snack hacks, you won’t have to walk miles across the scorching hot sand to get a snack when you’re hungry!