For those of you who are big on the Asian cuisine, we got you a treat. We know a lot of people who would plan an outing to go to their favorite Asian restaurant to have “dumplings” only. So, we decided to put together a list with all the places in Cairo to have the sweet or sour treat!

Sabai Sabai

We always take pride in being one of the few people who know about this spot in Zamalek. This fancy place offers both Thai and Chinese menus and it is THE BEST. They’re located right in front of Flamingo Hotel. As for dumplings, they are a must-try there!

Noble House

Our favorite spot in Heliopolis is another place in Cairo to have finger-licking good dumplings. They have variety and they are definitely guaranteed. We bet that the dumpling dish will be followed by a main course!


Ugh, just looking at the pictures now made us starve. We know Hana in Zamalek needs no introduction. They’re now the go-to spot to have a great selection of dumplings.

Dragon House

Folks in Maadi are seriously lucky to have an Asian place called Dragon House. We tried it recently and we loved their dumplings. We know we’re late to the party, okay, but better late than never, right?

Joy Luck

And the cherry on top of our dumpling cake is Joy Luck. Also located in Maadi, this low-key Asian spot rapidly found a place in our hearts. Their dumplings are simply little pieces of heaven, just like their every dish honestly!

Steamed, fried, or sweet; we know you’ll love it!