Mona El Shazly

Well, this pretty much does not need an introduction whatsoever. Does it? The well renowned Egyptian TV host Mona El Shazly, has been a viral meme ever since her last SNL stars episode. Where she sort of ‘forced’ the words out of the guests’ mouths -as she always does- and left actors Mahmoud El Leithy and Nancy Salah in tears.

A major spark of anger broke out all over social media because of El Shazly’s ways of getting views and validation. It seemed like people were surely getting tired of it. However, as always, this couldn’t have passed without being turned into memes which were shared by way too many users. Because that is what we, Egyptians, always do in those situations.

Here are the 6 best memes on Mona El Shazly’s famous lines :


 Mona El Shazly

This one was hilarious!


Mona El Shazly

Okay honestly, who doesn’t relate?


Mona El Shazly

MIU students, this one goes out for you!


Mona El Shazly

Honestly, we can imagine Mona EL Shazly going this far!


Mona El Shazly

Oops, sorry guys if this one hurts!


Mona El Shazly

Um, ouch?

Those are the ones we found hilarious, which other memes cracked you guys up? Share them with us in the comments section!

For more information about that particular episode, refer to our article.