Ramadan TV shows, we all have a love-hate relationship with them. We want to watch them all but then we don’t want to waste time following one and finding out it’s horrible a few episodes later. We also don’t want to be stuck on the couch all day trying to guess which ones are worth watching. So here is our list of the best shows this year:

1. Kafr Delhab

This show has been a fan favorite this year with its unique story. It claims to be a horror show and a lot of people agree that they delivered this. Many of the audience also seem to be very impressed with the camera work and lighting.

2. La Totfe2 El Shams

One of the most talked about shows this Ramadan, we’re all just obsessed! A very emotional show and the acting is just sensational, especially Ahmed Malek’s!

3. 30 Youm

Loved by many, this show has really surprised viewers with its gripping plot. We can’t stop watching it!

4. Le A3la Se3r

Nelly Karim has been on a role for while now. Each year, she astounds us with her acting abilities and great stories that tackle real issues we have in the Egyptian society.

5. Wahet El Gheroob

This show takes place in Egypt back in the 1800s. With amazing costumes and cinematography, we feel like we traveled back in time. And a great story to boot!

6. Haza El Masa2

This story also reflects something a lot of people go through, passion lost after years of marriage and how both partners go on the search to find that passion again but not with each other. It also shows how different the poor and rich live. Great acting and an interesting plot, what more do we need?!