After a wonderful 9 days full of great films and intriguing red carpets, the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) ended and you know what that means. It’s time we tell you our best-dressed celebs from CIFF’s closing.

Injy El-Mokkadem

As elegant as always, Injy El-Mokkadem dazzled us again on the red carpet through a look that’s timeless and glamorous. We can’t foget to mention how the color suits her as well.

Arwa Gouda

Did someone ask for an Egyptian Jessica Rabbit? Arwa Gouda has heard that call and is answering through a sleek, simple callback to all those 60s pinup girls.

Engy Wegdan

Classy without trying too hard are words we can use to describe Engy Wegdan and her dress. It seems like the navy theme is running the red carpet and Wegdan is among the few who owned it.

Nada Moussa

We’re calling this look “Prom Queen chic” but we’re open for suggestions. Nada Moussa dressed up for this occasion with a night-under-the-stars twist to an old favorite, which was done quite tastefully.

Shereen Reda

It doesn’t have to glitter to work out fabulously, does it? Shereen Reda proved just that to us on the red carpet, bringing some flavor to spice up the red carpet.

Rania Mansour

This one just takes the nonexistent cake. Rania Mansour saw the occasion and dressed for it accordingly through a fit and a color that suited her just right, making her a vision on the red carpet.

Now, tell us. Did we get them all?