Gouna Film Festival

If there was one thing that’s a hundred times better than a good beginning, it’s definitely the ending. No one knows this better than Egypt’s stunning actresses who made sure that their final GFF red carpet appearances would make lasting impressions.

Here are our top picks from last night.


You can never go wrong with a bubbly pink number and Basma knows all about it. The stunning actress combined the limelight and sunny beach vibes Gouna is known for in this one shouldered, jaw-dropping Kojak getup.

The slicked back hair, too, was a nice touch. Quite frankly, Basma was the best throwback to the fun 80’s feel we’d seen in a while.

Injy El-Mokkadem

Some people say that simple is boring, but those people clearly haven’t seen Injy El-Mokkadem last night.

In a classic Kojak ballgown that complements her skin tone and curves, the actress owned her red carpet walk with the elegance and grace we’re all accustomed to.

Hend Sabri

We’ve got a little confession to make. We might have forgotten who came after Ms. Sabri on the red carpet because, well, have you seen her?

The Orange Square Cairo power suit, the cuff links, and the glamed-up diamond necklace from Nara Fine Jewelry all wrapped up her look nicely. Who said red carpets had to be all about pretty dresses?

Tara Emad

Who said perfect accessorizing doesn’t exist? Well, whoever it was, it certainly wasn’t Tara Emad. Without the necklace, hair, and make-up, she would be your cute girl next door in Deana Shaaban designs. With them, though…Amazonian beauty, anyone?

Dina El-Sherbiny

The year is 2019 and a curly-haired, dark-skinned Barbie doll is making her way down the red carpet. Oh wait, our bad. That’s Dina El-Sherbiny in a getup that looks like it couldn’t fit anyone else better.

Pink was a certainly common color last night, yes, but on Dina and her complexion, it was fun and plain stunning in this Temraza number. Maybe blondes do have more fun.

Lara Scandar

After her hit Dalida-inspired track, Scandar might be really into trying different time periods. In her classically vintage velvet dress from Nicolas Jebran, no one can deny she was one woman the red carpet couldn’t get enough of last night.