Its that time of the year again. El Gouna Film Festival opening just took place and we can’t wait to show you all the highlights from the launching ceremony.

But first, let’s talk fashion. Check out our photo gallery as we break down the best dresses walking down the red carpet.


Once again, Durra owns the red carpet with her sophisticated yet fun fashion. She definitely owned her place at the top of our best dressed list.

Carmen Bsaibes

We were all on our toes waiting for the look of Arous Beirut, and we we’rent disappointed. Carmen was simple yet elegant with a color that brings out her eyes!

Tara Emad

With a champagne colored dress and a perfectly fitting silhouette, we didn’t expect any less from the dashing model and actress, to be honest.

Saba Mubarak

Although not her hottest look ever, we’re still rooting for the beautiful actress. While the dress was nice, the hairdo and makeup were just off.

Lara Scandar

Despite the fact that she was a bit low-profile, she managed to catch our eyes on the red carpet.


We didn’t see this coming, but Rogina actually looked super good! Her dress was a perfect match for the event and the bubble gum color just compliments her complexion perfectly.

Shereen Reda

We must admit, we were expecting more from the diva. However, the dress wasn’t all bad and it gave a Greek goddess vibe.

Passant Shawky

We don’t know what’s more priceless, a backless dress or Bassant Shawky’s breathtaking red carpet entree. This is hands down, one of the night’s best looks!

Arwa Gouda

Arwa Gouda is one of our favorites and for a reason. Yet another high score for the metallic disco ball styled dress, she just owned it!


Shout out to the face of Gouna herself. The beautiful Youssra rocked her strapless dress and proved that age is just a number, she could still take down the youngsters anytime!

Raya Abi Rachid

Last but definitely not least, the beautiful Raya. She may not be the best dress out there but she totally delivered a captivating presence.